3 Beautifully Simple Tips to Ensure Your Holiday Party is a Success

party planning made easy

Though the holidays are meant to be a time of joy, happiness, and love, often the stress of planning a holiday party (or two) can get the better of us. The need to impress, to outdo, to amaze can make the task rather daunting. Well, we’re here to help and tell you – it can all be simplified!

Party Planning Made Easy

Party planning and executing expert Adilen Perez of The Grove Resort & Spa Orlando has offered her three go-to tips to planning the perfect holiday party, whether for a corporate event or family.

1. Technology

Technology is interwoven in every aspect of our lives, especially social events. Go with the flow of social media by creating event hashtags to share your special memories with everyone, and allow your guests to do the same. Social media interaction and sharing is imperative these days! For corporate events, you can even create a personalized Snapchat filter for the attendees to use and to go with the year’s theme. Digital photo booths or balloon arches are great for pictures and extra holiday décor.

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party planning made easy

Source: Design Dazzle

2. Unique Themes

We have all attended the classic parties with a character or movie theme, this year the pun parties (Hoggy Holidays Party) are all the buzz. Create a unique theme for your event and tie the food & beverage, décor, and entertainment into the theme!

3. Modern Classic Cocktails and Local Fare

Food & beverage is crucial to any event, which means it’s wise to spend a bit of time selecting and customizing a menu. In the past decade, we have all become a little bit more eco-conscience so keep your food locally sourced and use organic products whenever possible.

You can also use vegetables and plants as centerpieces to bring it full circle. With a rise of knowledge on where the food is coming from, we can choose mindful products and food companies. Twists on classic cocktails is a rising trend. Create well-known drinks with a fun and exciting twist, such as infused vodkas and syrups (cucumber margarita, elderflower gin & tonic, maple bacon old fashioned, for example).

Straight from the expert herself, thank you Adilen for your helpful insight! There you have it – amaze and impress at your next holiday party by focusing on technology, a theme, and delicious libations – sourced mindfully of course!

For any and all Orlando holiday party venue needs, visit The Grove Resort & Spa Orlando, where you’ll have an array of venue options. Host your next holiday party at The Grove and receive the assistance of Adilen and her team to ensure your party is a success!