5 Meeting Apps and Programs That Will Make Planning, Executing, and Tracking Seamless

best meeting apps

Technology is a friend. Yet, somehow it doesn’t always feel that way. Technology is supposed to help us save time, effort, and headaches, yet sometimes it is the very reason for the loss of time, more effort, and a migraine.

Sometimes, but not in the case of a handful of excellent meeting apps. When it comes to planning and executing a meeting event, there are many apps out there that have been designed with the needs of meeting planners and meeting event attendees in mind.

Best Meeting Apps That Remind Us Why We Love Technology

Whether you are planning a large corporate meeting event, a small off-site meeting experience, a corporate retreat, or any other type of meeting, take a look at the following apps. Perhaps one, or more, of these apps will the time-saving solution you’ve been craving!

1. A Schedule Maker’s Dream Come True – Doodle

Before the actual meeting or event can even be planned, a date/time must be selected. With a variety of schedules to contend with, this is no easy task. Doodle helps to smooth the process by doing the dirty schedule work for you. Doodle takes the data you input, regarding each team member’s schedule, and then aggregates it to leave you with the available meeting date/time options. It also works in conjunction with your Google calendar. Win-win.

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2. From Start to Finish, This App Has Got You Covered – Bizzabo

Bizzabo is Event Success Software For Modern Planners

Are you designing a meeting event where you’ll need a website, tickets, branding, community growth, and more? For some meeting events most of that isn’t necessary, but depending on the size and scope of your meeting, Bizzabo could be the perfect tool. You’ll be able to manage the entire event from start to finish with this one app.

3. Registration Can be a Breeze With – Boomset

If your meeting event is more on the scale of a conference, of is just generally large, one challenge can be the registration. Boomset is an app that’s designed for seamless check-ins. You can use the QR scanner to check guests in, print badges, track analytics, etc. It also enables event staff to correspond and the ability to edit guest’s names and job titles. All-around an extremely useful and time-saving tool.

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4. Assign Tasks and Stay Organized With – Asana

best meeting appsOne of the best project management tools out there, Asana has been gaining in popularity for years. Whether you have a small or large team, Asana features work easily for all. The program features communication boards for each task as well as general boards for all.

5. For Classic Convenience, Ease, and a Place to Store Documents – Google Drive

Never underestimate the power of forums you may already be familiar with! You can create documents, spreadsheets, folders, and more all within one, easily understandable, place. Everything you make can be shared, edited, and commented on. Google Drive is an approachable, easily integratable tool that you’ll enjoy using.

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Now that you know where to find time, effort, and headache saving tools, it might also be useful to know where you can hold your meeting event.

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