5 Ways Small Weddings Call for Big Celebration

Planning an Intimate Wedding

Above all else, two main factors cause wedding planning stress – the cost and the guest list. If we examine those two reasons further, we can see that they are the same. Love itself will never cease, but weddings? With the average cost of a U.S. wedding now at $26,720 it’s no wonder more couples are looking for alternatives to the traditional, medium to large sized wedding.

What if there was a way to cut the cost of a wedding in half, spend more time with each guest, and even indulge to a higher degree? As it happens, there is. The drawback? You can only invite a fraction of the guests!

Planning an Intimate Wedding

Intimate weddings are taking the wedding world by storm, with no sign of slowing down anytime soon. The reasons to have an intimate wedding are so compelling; it’s hard not to consider it at least. We’ve spoken with wedding expert Adilen Perez who works for The Grove Resort & Spa Orlando, to find out her take on the benefits of an intimate wedding. Adilen is so passionate about the benefits; she’s shared with us the same reasons she uses to advise her closest friends.

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planning an intimate wedding1. The Wedding Couple Actually Gets to Savor and Enjoy the Day

Ask anyone who’s had a wedding how they felt on the day of. You’re going to hear many words, but “relaxed” will likely not be among them. According to Adilen, an intimate wedding means little to no stress leading up to the wedding or on the actual day. To-do lists are naturally shorter. Imagine having only to follow up, and check on attendance, with 20-50 people rather than 150? A small guest list equals the chance for the couple to savor every moment, to be more present and less frantic. The wedding becomes much more about the experience rather than the production of the day.

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2. Financials

Money woes are less than romantic, so whenever possible to avoid them, do! An intimate wedding saves buckets of money, money that can be used instead for a new car or a down payment on a house. Or, for the dreamers, a much more exotic honeymoon! Or, a more lavish wedding, see below.

3. On The Other Side of Financials – Splurging

There’s the choice to save money or to take the luxury up a level. For some couples, having an intimate guest list means getting the absolute best of everything, instead of the most affordable. Adilen had a couple earlier this year host only 27 guests, yet they spent nearly $300 per person. A small wedding doesn’t have to mean a small budget so you can have a truly lavish wedding with a smaller wedding list.

planning an intimate wedding4. Endless Venue Options

Small parties can fit in way more spaces than large ones! Imagine resorts, art galleries, restaurants, etc. The list can, and will, go on and on. More venue options result in more date options as well.

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5. Quality Time With Guests

Most importantly, intimate weddings allow the newlyweds more time to spend with each of their guests. For intimate destination weddings, the couples are also able to make sure all the guests feel right at home. Throughout the wedding, the couple will easily and seamlessly get to interact with each guest. Additionally, the guests will be able to interact easily with each other! Plenty of inside jokes will be made and lifelong memories to cherish.

If the idea of an intimate wedding makes you feel elated, then consider exchanging nuptials at the gorgeous lakeside venue at The Grove Resort & Spa Orlando. The Grove recently partnered with Just Marry, an exceptional wedding planning company in Orlando. Intimate weddings at the grove are considered 25 guests or less. Inquire about your future intimate wedding today!