6 Simple Steps for Planning an Effective Corporate Meeting

effective corporate meeting

Meetings can serve many purposes; from conferences, seminars, and trade shows to team building, networking, and VIP events and beyond. No matter what type of gathering you’re putting together for your organization, the one thing you know for certain, you’ll want it to be a success.

If you’re planning a corporate meeting, you’ll want to consider these six simple steps.

Here’s How to Have an Effective Corporate Meeting

effective corporate meetingConsider What a Corporate Meeting Does

Yes, a corporate meeting is to meet and discuss things that need discussing. Yet, fundamentally, a good, in-person corporate meeting serves a much greater purpose – increase motivation and encourage new ideas. A corporate meeting is a chance for the head honchos of your company to get the team fired up, to inspire them. Take a moment before planning to sit with the intention behind the corporate meeting. A solid intention is the first step to an effective corporate meeting.

Determine The Specific Reason For the Meeting

You’ve got your intention, now determine what the specific reason for this meeting is. Is it to solve a problem? Invent something new? Provide a forum for the team to interact face-to-face? Diffuse conflict? Figure out the reason as specifically as possible and write it down.

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effective corporate meetingDevelop The Meeting Agenda

Time is money, so spend it wisely in your meeting. Once you’ve got your reason for the meeting, you can develop the agenda, which is a general outline of what the meeting leader(s) will discuss/do/present etc. to keep everyone focused and on task.

Schedule in Engagement Opportunities

If the team needs a meeting for whichever reason you pinned down, then there needs to also be opportunities for the team to participate in the meeting. Perhaps it’s a Q & A after a presentation, a brainstorming session, team-building exercises, so on and so forth. It all depends on what the purpose of the meeting is. The key point here is, no matter what, set aside time for participation.

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Make the Location Choice

Depending on the purpose of the meeting, changing the scenery to someplace outside the office may be ideal. Or, if this is a face-to-face meeting of team members who normally correspond virtually, then a location will have to be chosen. This is the step where you consider the pros and cons of taking your corporate meeting to a new place or staying in the office (if applicable).

Pin Down the Details

effective corporate meetingNow that the intention, reason, agenda, participation opportunities and location needs are settled, it’s time to settle the rest of the details. Choose the date and time, book the corporate meeting space (if applicable), gather the materials – i.e. agenda and such, send out the memo/invitations, and, of course, get the team excited for the meeting!

According to Forbes, face-to-face meetings are substantially more successful than phone or virtual meetings. Which means that come what may, your corporate meeting will be effective.

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