6 Ways to Take Advantage of an Adults-Only Disney World Trip

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Princesses, wild rides, and themes are generally touted as things for children to enjoy, yet when it comes to the world of Walt Disney, there’s plenty for the adults to enjoy. We would even go so far as to say it’s the adults who are even bigger fans of the Disney than the kids! Of course, this varies family to family, but the point is that Walt Disney is meant for all ages and that there’s even more fun to be had for those over the age of 21. We have all the insider details on maximizing adult-fun at the parks. If you’re in the mood to plan an adults-only Disney World trip, then use our helpful guide to plan the most outrageously fun trip yet.

Adult Getaway to Disney

Drinking Around the World

Our absolute favorite adult-themed adventure to have is drinking around the world at EPCOT. With 11 different countries to hop between, you can have tried 11 different alcohol beverages from 11 different cultures during a single day. Do you need to visit all 11? Certainly not, however many you choose is up to you! Even if you visit three and have three drinks, we guarantee you;l have a blast. Each country exhibit also features delicious cuisine to try, which will help you keep your energy up as you move through the remaining countries.

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Enjoy the More Mature Rides and Experiences

Nearly all of Disney is geared towards all ages, but there are a few rides that can be a bit too intense for most kids. When you visit the parks without kids, you won’t be limited to certain rides! Celebrate your freedom by experiencing the following:

– The Void (Disney Springs)

– Guided expedition in the Animal Kingdom

– Behind the Seeds tour at EPCOT’s The Land

– Keys to the Kingdom Tour

– Mission: SPACE

– Expedition Everest

– Tower of Terror

Peripheral Park Bars

There are some seriously fun bars to enjoy that are outside of the park, many of which have a no-kids-allowed rule after 8 pm. We recommend heading to Disney Springs to enjoy Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar, or head to Polynesian Village to check out Trader Same’s Grog Grotto. Pro-tip: some of these bars offer killer views of the fireworks shows, so plan your timeline accordingly! Watching the fireworks with a drink in hand, and no kids in sight is quite the experience.

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Take Advantage of Parade Times

Take a close look at the schedule of parades and fireworks at the parks you intend to visit and consider using the parade and firework time to ride rides, instead. Most little kids are not about to miss the parade, but chances are you care about that a tad less, and can grab your crew and head towards more rides.

Tranquil Fine Dining

Another pro-tip is to eat at least one meal at one of the fine dining establishments. Most families are not about to waste money on fancy food when their children are happy with hot dogs and french fries. Make a reservation at Jiko, California Grill, Victoria and Alberts and enjoy an incredible ambiance, delicious food, and an adult-only crowd.

After-Hours Adventuring

Recently Disney started a new program where a limited number of tickets can be purchased to stay at the park for an extra three hours, from 10 pm -1 am. During that window of time, you can bet there will be few kids, especially little kids, and all park goers will be able to enjoy more than 25 attractions and character greetings with little-to-no-wait.

Drinking, daring, and dining is often the theme of an adults-only Disney vacation, and it’s exceptionally fun! If you’d like even more insider tips on all the best watering holes, scariest rides, and swankiest restaurants, give us a shout! Also, to maximize your play time, choose to stay at a resort near Disney, The Grove Resort & Spa is one such resort. Not only can your adulting be extra at Disney, but you can also have a great time keeping in with your theme at The Grove’s adult-only pool and spa area, multiple bars, and water park.