7 Ahh-mazing Tips to Help You Enjoy the Most Relaxing Spa Day Possible

most relaxing spa day

Ahh, the spa, a serene retreat for a day of euphoric pampering. Everyone loves a good spa day, right? Well certainly most do. Although, you may be surprised to learn that a spa day planned poorly could turn out slightly less relaxing than desired. If you’re going to take the time and spend the resources on experiencing a spa day, then we recommend taking a moment to consider how you can maximize the experience. After all, it takes time and resources to arrange for a spa day, and you certainly want to make sure you get the absolute most fun, relaxation, and enjoyment out of the experience!

To ensure you do, we’ve compiled a list of spa day tips for your reading and, later on, planning pleasure!

Here’s How to Plan the Most Relaxing Spa Day Possible

Try To Make All The Decisions Ahead of Time

Whether you’re on vacation or are heading to a spa in your hometown, it’s best to plan out as many details ahead of time as possible. Why? Because on your relaxing spa day you’ll want to simply relax! Not have to choose or plan a thing. This is a general tip to keep in mind as you imagine your future spa day. Out of all of our tips, this is the most important and the simplest – plan it all ahead of time!

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most relaxing spa dayChoose Companions Wisely

Often times, it’s a relaxing endeavor, such as a spa day, when we learn which friends and family are great to bring along, and which aren’t. You may very well want to have a solo spa day, but it’s also fun to bring along a friend or family member. If you opt for spa companionship, then be sure to choose someone who will enhance the day. Someone who will appreciate it the experience as much as yourself.

It’s The Order That Counts

After a relaxing massage, you might not be in the mood for the tickling that inevitably comes with a pedicure, for example. If your spa day is to consist of more than one pampering session, as it likely will, place your treatments in an order that makes sense. The spa team will likely be able to assist with this, but just in case, try to have something as relaxing as a massage, last. During a massage often time oils are used, so if you’re planning on getting a facial be sure to have the facial after the massage. An ideal spa itinerary might look something like this:

  • Mani/Pedi
  • Body Wrap
  • Massage
  • Facial

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Eat Healthy and Light Beforehand

most relaxing spa day healthy foodFeeling bloated or gassy during a spa day is the worst feeling ever. Easily avoided, thankfully, by eating a nice healthy and light breakfast. Smoothies, juices, eggs, acai bowls are all food options that will be filling without feeling heavy. It’s also wise to check if your spa day includes any food. If you’re going to be at the spa for a few hours, be sure to have access to more light and healthy snacks or a meal. Feeling hungry or too full will take away from the relaxing experience, which is the whole point!

Clear Your Schedule of Anything Stressful Afterwards

After a few hours or a day at the spa, you’ll be so deeply relaxed you won’t want to do anything afterward, or at least anything difficult or stressful. Ideally, after your spa experience, you’ll go back to your hotel room, or house if you aren’t on vacation, and keep on relaxing however you choose. One of the biggest mistakes many spa-goers make is going back to work afterward, or even attending a big social event. Many spa treatments leave one feeling tranquil and inwardly tuned. Socializing in such a relaxed state can feel intrusive.

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Keep The Pampering Going Strong

Perhaps it’s an entire day of self-love. Since you’ll be spending a few hours, or more, at the spa anyway, consider adding some like-minded activities before and after. For example:

  • Treat yourself to healthy breakfast at the hotel restaurant or your favorite local cafe
  • Start the morning with a yoga class
  • Plan on having wine and chocolate in your hotel room or home afterward
  • Rent a movie and order room service in your hotel room afterward

Opt For a Hotel Spa

In an ideal scenario, your spa day will be part of a weekend getaway or vacation. Spa days are wonderful regardless of whether you’re in your hometown or not, but getting to go back to your hotel room to continue relaxing really rounds out the entire experience. Even if you can’t get out of town, there are plenty of hotel spas in most cities!

In the mood to start planning a spa day right now? We sure are! There are plenty of perfectly reasonable reasons to plan a spa getaway – a break from work, to de-stress, time with your significant other, a girls weekend, a family bonding experience, so on and so forth. After you’ve chosen a reason, then you can choose a location!

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