In Search of a Wedding Destination? Why Orlando is the Perfect Choice

destination wedding florida

There are a variety of reasons which compel a couple to choose to exchange nuptials in a destination outside of their home city, town, etc. Some of those reasons include: the family is spread across the country and the couple needs a central location. Perhaps the couple wishes to wed during the winter but prefers somewhere warmer than home. The couple simply wants a destination wedding!

When this is the case, the adventure of choosing a wedding destination commences! If you find yourself in this situation, let us help you narrow down your options by proposing one specific destination – Orlando, Florida.

Destination Wedding Florida – Here’s Why

With an entire country or world depending on how far you’re imagining, why choose Orlando? Excellent question, consider these (quick) reasons:

Easy, The Weather

Many destinations are chosen based on the warm weather aspect. Warm weather makes for a thoroughly enjoyable celebration, but in Orlando, there’s also the added benefit of being able to have your wedding on a shoulder, or even in what is traditionally considered the “off” season. Orlando is warm and sunshine-filled year round basically, so you can get married any month. Win-win.

Picturesque Setting. Personalized Service. Your Dream Wedding in Orlando – Learn More

Size and Scope Abilities

destination wedding florida

Grove Resort & Spa Orlando

Orlando was made for events. Especially big events, but truly events of any size or scope. Orlando is one of the top destinations for conferences, big corporate meetings, and other gatherings. The entire city is designed to host events year-round. This is great news for wedding couples! Whatever type of wedding you’re imagining is entirely possible in Orlando. A small intimate destination wedding will be lovely. An enormous Indian-style wedding will also be fantastic. It doesn’t matter, Orlando is ready to help you have the wedding of your dreams.

It’s Beautiful

Palm trees, lakes everywhere, the sunshine, lush flowers, Orlando is a beautiful city. A beautiful city makes for a beautiful wedding, which makes for beautiful pictures. 

Orlando is Super Easy and Convenient to Get to

Not only will you want to choose somewhere that isn’t overly expensive for you two to get to, but you definitely don’t want your guests to have to break the bank to attend your wedding! Orlando is both affordable and convenient to get to. It has an enormous and efficient airport. There are hundreds of flights in and out of Orlando every single day. Take cost and transport difficulties out of the equation when it comes to planning your destination wedding. You’ll have plenty of other factors to consider!

Super Family Friendly

Are there lots of kids in your family? Will lots of families (with children) be attending your wedding? Orlando is famous for its family friendliness, and not just because of Walt Disney World (although that certainly helps). Orlando has everything needed to make any vacation, trip, getaway easy and convenient for parents.

– Every hotel/resort has a pool
– Eating options are abundant
– The attractions are endless
– The on-property amenities at most hotels/resorts are numerous

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There’s Just so Much to See and Do!

destination wedding florida

Enjoy a ride on the Swan Boats on Lake Austin | Grove Resort & Spa Orlando

A thoughtful destination wedding is someplace where the guests can enjoy themselves after making the journey to attend the wedding. Orlando is an enjoyable and entertaining place for your guests to visit – no matter the age. It’s obvious why kids will have a great time, but adults will too. Between world-class spas, world-class golfing, incredible cuisine, a vibrant nightlife, Orlando has much to offer any age group.

Also, if you were hoping to organize group excursions and sightseeing tours, Orlando has plenty to offer in that regard. You can organize it all yourself, or correspond with your wedding resort for assistance.

Ok, that should be enough to pique your interest. If your interest is sufficiently piqued, let us take you one step further and recommend the ideal wedding venue in Orlando, The Grove Resort & Spa Orlando.

Brand, spanking, new, The Grove Resort & Spa Orlando is an expansive all-suite resort. Conveniently located a mere 30 minutes from the airport and 10 minutes from Walt Disney World, The Grove is a 106-acre paradise.

Lake Austin, The Grove’s on-property lake, offers the perfect setting for an intimate ceremony on the pier.

For utter elegance, choose the beautiful ballroom for your reception. The Grove Resort & Spa can accommodate up to 120 wedding guests in the venues.

Why The Grove Resort & Spa is Ideal For Your Orlando Wedding

Guests can enjoy the convenience and comfort of staying in a suite. Each suite is either 2 or 3 bedrooms and features a washer & dryer, full kitchen, patio, and shared living spaces

The on-site dining options are varied and delicious! Alfresco Market, Valencia Restaurant, The Springs Bar & Grill (opening Fall 2017), Longboard Bar & Grill (opening Spring 2018)

Relaxing, entertaining, and unique amenities. Between an arcade, incredible spa, and multiple pools, there are many ways to either relax or be entertained while staying at The Grove

You’ll have assistance every step of the way. Our wedding package includes a wedding planner to provide wedding day coordination of service

Your big day awaits! One of the most memorable and meaningful days of your life is nearly here, and we know that Orlando is an excellent destination to celebrate such a milestone. Choose Orlando for your wedding, choose The Grove Resort & Spa Orlando for your venue and sail off into wedded bliss!