Fun Ideas When Planning a Florida Wedding

Wherever a wedding takes place its bound to be a blissful occasion, but few places spark a convivial cheer in the heart quite like Florida. A state filled with people who can enjoy the sunshine and outdoors on practically any given day of the year is bound to be a happy place. Perhaps it’s the essence of contentedness and joy Florida exudes that inspires such wedding creativity and fun. The weather and scenery, of course, play a major role in attracting couples-to-be to the idea of a Florida wedding.

Florida Destination Weddings Made Easy

Saying “I do” in the sunshine state means even more fun planning, executing, and savoring your wedding. We’re full of ideas of ways you can add a unique twist to your Florida wedding experience! Enjoy the following:

Mix and Match

Instead of perfectly coordinating every aspect of your wedding, many are choosing to add a bit more character to their nuptials by mixing and matching furniture pieces. A selection of different styled chairs gives your wedding a shabby chic look that seems specially curated for each guest. You can also mix and match different metals like gold, silver, and bronze to add texture and color to your place settings.  

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Take Full Advantage of The Weather

You might be surprised to learn that not every couple takes full advantage of the Florida weather. Consider having your ceremony and reception outdoors, rather than in. Even more out-of-the-box, though, is planning out a pre-wedding excursion day for the friends and family in town! Perhaps it’s a group pool and relaxation day at the incredible resort pool area. Or, you could draw up an example itinerary for a day at Walt Disney World and invite whoever is in town to join you! Depending on which wedding festivities are happening and when you could arrange a poolside bachelorette or bachelor party as well.

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Bright Weather Means You Can Have Light Food

Most weddings feature heavy and thick foods. Mashed potatoes are delicious, no doubt, but with the warm sunshine-filled weather, consider opting for light fare, instead. Vibrant salads, fresh zesty fish or chicken entrees, cool cocktails with cucumber or berries. Keep the feeling of lightness and joy going strong all the way through the food and drinks!

Let the Greenery Take The Stage

One of the newer trends we’re seeing is to choose an earth tone color palette that allows your greenery and flowers to truly shine. Plus, it gives your wedding a rustic and whimsical atmosphere that will make your guests feel right at home.  

Emulate the Florida Vibrancy in Your Wedding Colors

Do you have a colorful soul? In Florida, anything goes, and if you envision bright, beautiful colors for your wedding, you can go for it! Transport the sunset hues to your wedding or mimic the blues of the ocean. Color inspiration abounds in the vibrant state.

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Florida Accessory Photos

It’s easy to have fun with photos in Florida. A few ideas for your wedding photos include

  • The bridal party in matching flip flops and coordinated pedicures!
  • Have the entire wedding party don wedding-themed sunglasses
  • For Disney lovers, the bride and groom in Minnie and Mickey ears

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florida destination weddings lanterns

Light up With Lanterns

There’s a certain soft romanticism in lanterns, and having them illuminate the entrance to the reception or placed as centerpieces will add an extra loveliness.

The Sunshine State is ideal for exchanging nuptials, not only because the weather, is so fine, but because you can easily indulge in any of your wedding dreams. Looking for the perfect Florida wedding venue? We’ve got you covered! The Grove Resort & Spa Orlando is an all residential-suite style hotel with breathtaking venues. Visit our wedding page to see for yourself!