First Time in Orlando? Here are 6 Tips for a Successful Visit

orlando travel tips

With a population of over two million and more than 110 square miles, Orlando is a rather large city! Within those 110 miles, there’s much to see, do, and experience. Orlando is not the kind of city that can be explored thoroughly in a single trip; there’s simply too much ground to cover!

As with any destination, there are a number of insights that are useful to have ahead of one’s first visit. Considering most visitors are hoping to make the absolute most out of their time, knowing a few Orlando tips and tricks will be of great value.

Orlando Travel Tips

To help ensure you have the Orlando trip of your dreams, keep in mind the following few tips from a team of Orlando locals.

1. Rent The Car

The simple reasoning behind renting a car is to save time and cover more ground. As mentioned, Orlando is an expansive city, and you’ll be able to cross more activities and places off of your bucket list with a vehicle.

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2. Prioritize Your Favorite Theme Parks, First

Plan your trip to get the absolute most out of it by prioritizing your favorite theme parks. If you know you love Harry Potter, then be certain to spend one, or more, days at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. It often seems fun to try and squeeze in as many parks as possible, but we recommend the quality over quantity approach. A lot of time gets lost in getting familiarized with each park, walking, traveling, etc. maximize your time by getting more thoroughly acquainted with fewer parks!

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3. Choose Accommodations Near Your Desired Attractions

Stay as close as possible to the theme park you’re planning to visit. If you stay at The Grove, for example, it’s only a few minutes from Walt Disney World, and the resort offers complimentary transportation to the parks.

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4. Don’t Forget to Pack (a lot) of Sunscreen

Orlando is sunny.  Being out and about all day at the theme parks often leaves visitors bright pink and red, forgetting to apply or re-apply frequently. No need for a sunburn souvenir, trust us, there are plenty of more exciting and fun souvenirs to be had! Pack sunscreen and apply vigorously!

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5. Set Aside Time For Shopping

Distracted by the magnificence of the theme parks, many Orlando visitors overlook the city’s excellent outlet shopping. Few cities have as many outlet stores and malls as Orlando, and if you love shopping you won’t want to skip this aspect of the city. Mall at Millenia and Florida Mall are two of our favorites.

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6. Set Aside Time to Relax!

One of the biggest mistakes visitors make in Orlando is forgetting to set aside relaxation time. The lure of the theme parks and activities is intense, we get it, but we know from experience how needed rest and relaxation is. Especially after spending a few days on your feet exploring Walt Disney World, for example, you will crave some poolside or spa time. Staying somewhere such as The Grove will make finding relaxation time easy. After you take one look at our pool, waterpark, and adult relaxation area, you’ll never want to leave.

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We hope these simple tips help you plan an incredible first trip to Orlando! At any point, if you feel overwhelmed in your planning, simply pause, breathe, and have faith that you can’t go wrong. Orlando is so much fun; it doesn’t much matter what you choose you’re going to have a marvelous experience. We are always here to help with planning if needed!