The Ultimate Do-Not-Forget Packing List For an Orlando Getaway

Orlando Vacation Packing List

Everyone loves a vacation, but how many of us absolutely dread the entire packing process? We’re guessing quite a few! People who struggle with packing typically fall into one of a few categories:

The “I never wear this at home, but it seems likely I will on vacation” type

The minimalist “I vow to only pack one of everything”

The last minute, just throw-it-all-in packer

The forgetful packer “oh no, I forgot to pack my undies”

The “I’ll just go shopping for all new things while I’m there” packer

Yes, packing can be a struggle, but as long as you know which items are MOST important for your upcoming vacation, it doesn’t need to be too difficult or overwhelming! Because Orlando is one of the most epic vacation destinations, we’ve compiled a list of exactly what you can’t live without while vacationing in Orlando. So Orlando vacation packers, listen up – here’s what you SHOULD pack (besides the obvious, like underpants).

Orlando Vacation Packing List

All Things Sunshine Protection

Orlando is one of the sunniest cities in our nation. It is advisable not to arrive without sunglasses, sunscreen, and some sort of hat (recommended – wide brim).

Sunburn Care Products

If you’re hailing from somewhere with cold winter temperatures, and you’ve yet to acquire a tan, a wise packing move would be to pack aloe vera. Aloe vera, sun-soothing lotion, after-sun hair spray, etc. Whatever type of sunburn, or even just sun soothing product you enjoy most.

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Footwear Options

orlando vacation packing listIn the excitement of packing for the warm and sunny Orlando, many a tourist only pack flip flops. Flip flops are excellent footwear for pool lounging or light walking excursions. Flip flops are NOT advisable for theme-park-going. A day of exploring Walt Disney World merits the use of sneakers, tennis shoes, or padded sandals. Bonus packing points if your walking shoes are also water-friendly. The theme parks have many water attractions and rides, which won’t be a bother if your shoes are equipped. If you enjoy going out to dine, a pair of nice sandals, wedges, or fine-dining worthy shoes is also recommended.

Pool-Going Wear

If you’re a last minute packer, you do run the risk of forgetting a swimsuit, especially if you reside somewhere where you don’t often use one! What’s more is we recommend having at least two swimsuits (looking at you minimalist packers), as it’s likely you’ll be frequenting the pool or water parks. Plus, if one swimsuit becomes compromised – lost, torn, etc – you’ll still have the backup.

Additionally, you will also want swimwear cover ups. Orlando is mostly comprised of resorts, many of which are vacations within themselves. It’s likely you’ll be moving between the pool, restaurants, bar, arcade, etc. and if you packed a light swimsuit cover-up then you won’t have to run to your room between each activity.  

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Orlando Secret to Success – Day Bag

An item easily overlooked but wildly useful is a day bag. If you’re planning on spending entire days at the theme parks, then you will feel much more organized and prepared with a day bag in which you can pack sunscreen, hats, snacks, water and whatever else you think you’ll need!

AC Preparation – Light Sweaters

If you get cold easily, then you absolutely must pack a light jacket or two. This isn’t because Orlando will be chilly, but because anywhere indoors will have strong AC.

Rain Protection

orlando vacation packing listWhenever you really need something, it’s impossible to find. Has that ever been your experience? One thing that is smart to pack, just in case, is some sort of poncho or rain jacket. The act of packing one might just ensure the weather never turns rainy, but the act of NOT packing one might ensure it does! Ha-ha, just kidding, but hey, might as well be prepared regardless!

Hydrate All Day

The theme parks don’t allow ANY glass bottles, so it’s smart to bring a refillable plastic water bottle. Hydration is key to a happy vacation!

Stay Charged

Since many of Orlando’s main attractions are day-long endeavors, it’s always wise to pack portable chargers or extra batteries. You wouldn’t want to miss out on any Insta-worthy moments now would you?

Fret not, if you forget any of the above items you will be able to purchase them in Orlando. Yes, there’s plenty of shopping in Orlando. BUT, while on vacation rather than worrying about finding the right shape sunglasses for your face, you’re going to want to be deciding which theme park to visit or while pool to swim in. The more prepared you are ahead of time, the more time you’ll have to enjoy your vacation! The above list doesn’t list some obvious items, shorts, shirts, underwear, socks, etc. because hopefully, you were already planning on packing those items! We tried to list everything you might not consider but will want to have while in Orlando!

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We hope this vacation brings the ultimate packing success! Perhaps you’ll be so inspired by your packing efficiency, that by the time your next vacation rolls around you’ve turned a whole new leaf in your packing style!