Planning a Meeting Event For Your Company or Client? Be Familiar With The 5 Types of Meeting Spaces

types of meeting space

Imagine being at a wedding reception with less than 100 people, in a room large enough to fit 300. Can anyone say awkward….

Utilizing the properly sized and functional room for an event is key. That same wedding reception would have been completely fine had it been held in a smaller space where the guests fit nicely.

When it comes to planning a meeting event, it’s crucial to select the room type that makes sense for your event. This may sound obvious, but it’s shocking how often meeting planners or other designated meeting organizers end up choosing an inadequately sized meeting space.

Types of Meeting Spaces – A Quick Comparison

Usually, we chalk it up to lack of awareness of the types of meeting spaces. If you’re aware of the types of meeting spaces then you can easily select the option that suits your needs, or your client’s needs, best. The main types of meeting spaces you’ll usually be able to choose from include:

Interview Rooms

Perhaps the simplest room, the interview rooms is a small space featuring the ability to have a one-on-one private interview or chat.

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Presentation Rooms

types of meeting spaceA presentation room is usually pretty standard. As the name suggests, it’s a room used for presenting, and typically comes with a U-shaped table, although not always. The idea behind this room is that every participant will be able to see and hear the presenter. These types of rooms range in size from very intimate – 10 people or less, to a bit larger – 15-25.

Conference Rooms

This room type can greatly vary in size compared to many other types of meeting spaces. Regardless of the size, these rooms are often equipped with a stage and feature a table arrangement conducive to hearing and seeing. While making arrangements to utilize a conference room, ensure you read any literature on how big the space is. Conference rooms range from intimate to quite large.

Training Rooms

Also referred to as “classroom style” at times. Unlike the other types of meeting spaces, training rooms are more optimized for computer hook up and integration. Usually, the chairs and tables are arranged in front facing rows so that listening, writing, learning, and even eating can all happen seamlessly.

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orlando meeting venuesOut of all the room types, the boardroom is typically the most intimate. Generally used for small groups of people, i.e. board members, the set up in a boardroom is often one rectangular table with chairs all around it. This way each participant can see, hear and talk with the others to make important decisions and the like.

Once you’ve determined the type of meeting you are going to be planning, it shouldn’t be too challenging to figure out which room type you’ll need. Keep in mind, sometimes the room types can also be room setup styles. Many medium sized meeting rooms have the capability to be arranged in different ways, thus transforming into whichever type of meeting space you need.

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Knowing exactly how many people will be in attendance, or a close approximation is crucial. You wouldn’t want to embarrass the presenter with a half-full room. You won’t want to have to turn away team members due to the training room already being full. Size and scope of what you need are the two most important factors when you start reaching out to potential meeting venues.

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