Planning an Epic Girlfriend Weekend Getaway? Consider These 8 Tips to Smooth The Process!

girlfriend weekend getaway

Laughing, shopping, lounging, dining, and sharing all the juicy stories about your life. A girlfriend getaway is more than a getaway; it’s a vacation for the spirit! Getting to spend an entire weekend, or even a week, surrounded by your best girls is a recipe for unparalleled fun and happiness!

To ensure your next girlfriends getaway is as epic as possible, we’ve compiled a quick list of tips to utilize when planning. Tips that will help you avoid any drama, keep the communication open, and dedicate as much time as possible to having a good time!

Planning Your Girlfriend Weekend Getaway

Collaborate and Delegate

In any given group of friends, some individuals are planning-focused, and others are less so. Regardless of who prefers planning, everyone will have an opinion about something. Keep the planning a collaborative effort with delegated tasks. This way, even though one or two people may be headlining the planning team, everyone has a task to fulfill, and all are involved in the decisions!

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Set The Budget Up Front

Money tends to be awkward and create uncomfortable situations if not discussed ahead of time. Make sure every gal is on the same page, one doesn’t always know when one’s friend is going through a rough financial time. Bottom line – assume nothing and discuss everything. Setting an agreed upon budget for the trip will ensure everyone will be comfortable!

Keep the Schedule Flexible

girlfriend weekend getawayThough you’re together to bond and enjoy one another’s company, every girl has her own idea of what she likes to do when, so keep the scheduled activities to a minimum. Allow the weekend schedule to be mostly open, with a few scheduled activities sprinkled in. The surest way for everyone to have fun is to feel free to choose!

Plan a Few Designated Bonding Activities

Keeping in line with the above-mentioned flexibility, it’s also nice for each girlfriend to know when a little group bonding will take place. Alex can get in her morning run before the group spa date. Beth can nap by the pool before the evening group cooking lesson. It can be too easy for a group getaway to become scattered with a few girls doing one thing and a few doing another. When you schedule designated group time, everyone can mingle!

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Get the Group Online

Having a group iMessage, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, etc. where all the photos can be shared, and locations kept track of. Depending on how big your girls getaway is, it’s important to have a way to know where each member is! Also, take note of which phones have the best cameras and use them for the group photos, then share them in the group message. Everyone’s whereabouts will be known, and everyone will have access to those Insta-worthy pics!

Outfit Considerations

Every girl in the group has got her own distinct style, but it’s safe to say on the fancy night out (if there is to be one) no one wants to feel underdressed. Discuss what type of activities and events the group wants to experience and which corresponding outfits might be packed. Get your girls on the same fashion page!

Consolidate the Packing

girlfriend weekend getawayAre five curling irons necessary? Maybe, but maybe not! Create a list of any and all items that can be easily shared to help lessen everyone’s packing burden. Things like books, magazines, hair tools, electronics and more may all be candidates for consolidation.

Don’t Worry Be Happy

Too often we let the need for structure and organization stress us out. Try to avoid falling into that trap and just enjoy! You worked hard to plan for this trip and once it arrives just go with the flow. If it rains one day, spend the afternoon watching your favorite movie with the girls. If a member of the group choose to skip an event, leave her be. Sit back, relax, and make lifelong memories with your girl squad!

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