Surprise Your Sweetheart with a Trip to Disney World

romantic trip to disney

For those of you considering romantic ways to celebrate your significant other, we’ve got an amazing idea for you. Surprise your sweetheart with a trip to Walt Disney World! Few places in the world offer as magical of an experience and ambiance as Walt Disney World. Every ride, shop, exhibit, and detail was designed for your enjoyment and awe.

Plan a Romantic Trip to Disney – We Have a Few Ideas to Help

Witness the magic illuminate in the eyes of your significant other as you spend a few Disney days together. From specialty dinner reservations to private horse-drawn carriage rides, we’ve got a variety of ideas you can use to sprinkle in more sweet surprises throughout your trip.

Behind The Scenes Tour

One of the most exciting activities to do at Walt Disney World is going behind the scenes! Many vacationers are not aware that Disney offers a variety of behind-the-scenes tours that provide a glimpse of how everything gets taken care of. Perhaps your sweetheart would enjoy the Caring For Giants tour in Animal Kingdom or the Backstage Magic tour at Magic Kingdom. Regardless of the tour type, this will be an exciting experience for you to share!

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Horse-Drawn Carriage Ride

What could be more romantic than going for a ride in a horse-drawn carriage? Not much! Sweep your sweetheart off of his or her feet with this incredible surprise. Go for a spin around Port Orleans or through the Fort Wilderness Resort. You can enjoy this experience by visiting this page and booking your carriage ride.

romantic trip to disney

Adventures in Dining

Walt Disney World features an impressive array of extraordinary dining experiences. We’re talking private dinners with world-class chefs, elegant tea parties, early admission into the parks for breakfast, and much more. Chances are, your sweetheart will love ANY of the specialty dining experiences; all you need to do is choose and reserve!

Photo Shoot

You’ll both be having such a wonderful time you might not remember to snap photos to remember your experience. What a shame that would be, but it’s an easy fix; hire a photographer ahead of time. This way, you’ll have sweet photos to cherish forever more! Plus, you’ll win major brownie points with your sweetheart for being so organized and detail-oriented.

romantic trip to disney

A Scavenger Hunt Day

Oh, there are so many fun ideas within the realm of scavenger hunts. If you’re thinking of keeping with your theme of romance, you could design a scavenger hunt around the different sweet surprises you have planned. For example, upon arriving at the park, you hand her the first clue, which leads to a second location (or surprise event), from which you give the next clue, so on and so forth.

For less planning, you could also find a scavenger hunt to follow online! There are plenty of websites that offer great activities to engage in while at Walt Disney World. Check out this example.

Final Spa Day

One final sweet surprise can be the gift of relaxation! Especially after a few days of walking and adventuring through the parks, you’ll both be ready to relax. One of the most luxurious and calming spas in Orlando is the Escape Spa, found at The Grove Resort Orlando. With dozens of treatments featuring organic ingredients, you will both return home from your trip feeling incredibly refreshed.

As you plan your itinerary and settle in all of the details, don’t forget to choose accommodations that will serve as a tranquil retreat each day. A place you can escape to after each exciting day to bask in the joy and memories being made. The Grove Resort Orlando is a short drive to Walt Disney World and features spacious suites.