How to Take Care of Yourself This Holiday Season

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During the season of giving to others, we often neglect to give to ourselves. Not giving materially, but giving the gift of time for self-care. Between a full social calendar and cold temperatures, the holiday season can take a toll on our mind, bodies, and spirits.

During this busy time, it’s more important than ever to take a deep breath, and consider how you can take care of you! Filling your cup first will better enable you to care for those nearest and dearest. Fret not if you aren’t sure how to indulge in self-care, we do! The following self-care tips and routines can be done easily in your own home, or more luxuriously at a spa.

Spa Tips from Grove’s Escape Spa

Protect Skin From Dry Winter Months

Winter is here, and our skin sure knows it. Take daily action to protect your skin by exfoliating it (if you have ultra dry skin, don’t exfoliate every day) to remove the old, dead skin, and then always moisturize! Moisturize twice a day if needed.

Escape Spa Treatment: Age Defying facial would be an excellent treatment to address dry skin needs

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spa tips escape spa

Revitalize Eyes From Stress

Though we mean well with our holiday shopping, it can become stressful. Especially for parents, who wish to bring their children the utmost joy, we know how challenging that can be at times. The last thing we want is for our stress to show in our eyes! Take care of your eyes with nourishing eye creams, tea bags, and other home remedies.

Escape Spa Treatment: Our revital eye treatment would be great for dark circles and restless eyes

Restore Your Foundation

Walking for hours while shopping can wreak havoc on our feet. Feet are the body’s foundation and must be cared for! To restore your feet consider taking Leg’s Up The Wall yoga pose after a long day on your feet. Another option is to soak your feet in a comfortable bath.

Escape Spa Product: The Elemis Milk Bath is a great take-home item you can add to your bath to give some extra TLC not only to your feet but entire body

spa tips escape spa

Keep Your Lips Luscious

The oft forgot lips can severely suffer during the winter months, take care to keep them moisturized with your favorite chapstick! If you’re looking for a more holistic approach, try rubbing a bit of coconut oil on them before bed.

Escape Spa Product: The Perfect Pout is a great enhancement to bring that extra moisture back to your lips and give them an extra plump look

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Let Yourself Have Some Nail Fun!

You spent all that time decorating your home, wrapping gifts, and baking beautiful dishes. Or perhaps you didn’t. Doesn’t matter! Either way, you deserve to decorate your nails! It will feel so soothing to pop into your nail salon and feel pampered as you walk out with holiday-inspired fingers and toes.

Escape Spa Treatment: You can indulge in the mani-pedi or take home any of the beautiful holiday colors from the Cuccio line

Discover An Intimate And Personalized Spa Experience

Self-care is also taking time to just be. We can tend to our physical bodies externally, but we also need to take time to nourish our insides with healthy foods, plenty of sleep, and time to unwind. Care for your mind, body, and spirit through meditation, yoga, time in nature, or any other way that suits you.

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