No Need to Let the Holiday Season Kill the Momentum, 6 Tips to Keep Your Team Focused

Team Motivation Techniques

It happens to the best of us. November rolls around and all anyone at the office can think of is the upcoming feast of food, drinks, and family time. The actual holiday hasn’t even hit yet, but everyone is distracted. Then Thanksgiving does arrive, and it turns into a week-long extravaganza. The distraction continues even once everyone is back at work because Cyber Monday sales are too good to pass up. December is fraught with plenty more distractions and before you know it it’s New Year’s and the entire office is behind!

Sound familiar at all? We all love the holidays, but the bottom line is the holidays are a challenging time to keep the workplace momentum going. The bright side? The methods to keep the momentum going through the holiday season are as abundant as your family’s Thanksgiving table! Now that November has arrived consider implementing one or more of these strategies to help your team keep up their excellent work, even amongst the many distractions of the season.

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Team Motivation Techniques

Plan Ahead

Having half of your team absent on the same days will quickly kill the workplace momentum. Before the holidays set in, start determining who will be gone when. It’s important to support your team and ensure no one has to miss their child’s holiday program at school, or is unable to pick up Grandma at the airport. Now is the perfect time to show your team how much you support them. Do this by developing a system for everyone to request time off, half days, long lunches, etc. and then openly communicate the modified schedule, so everyone is on the same page.

Celebrate The Successes

team motivation techniquesFor many team members, motivation comes from a job well done being acknowledged. When people see that their hard work is paying off and that their boss is noticing, they’re much more likely to keep up the excellent work! Find ways to compliment, affirm, or even reward those doing excellent work.

Continue to Set Goals

Many companies falter during the last few months of the year by neglecting to set goals or setting them too low or high. Be honest with yourself (and your team) regarding what is feasible and make goals accordingly. Not having goals will make it challenging to keep everyone accountable, whereas having achievable goals will keep the momentum going! Find the perfect balance between achievable and challenging to keep engagement high!

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Participate in The Spirit of The Season

A Scrooge-like attitude won’t achieve your desired results, but actively participating in the cheer of the season will! Show your team that you share their excitement, and consider scheduling time and events for workplace festivities that will help focus their cheer. By giving designated time for indulgences, you are subtly encouraging your team to spend the rest of their time at work goal-focused. Holiday lunches, parties, even a designated online “shopping hour” are fun ways to channel the excitement productively. These are also excellent team building opportunities as well.

Set a Positive Tone

team motivation techniques

Setting a positive tone in the workplace is key to keeping the energy and morale high. Many of the above tips already aid in this endeavor, i.e., having achievable goals, time and forums for holiday cheer, celebrating team members success, etc. Additional ways you can encourage a positive environment is through motivational, but brief, emails. Small treats such as surprise lunches, motivational speaker, massage therapist, etc. Teams who feel encouraged and supported achieve much more than teams who feel stressed, overworked, and undervalued!

Last, But Not Least, Consider Planning a Team Getaway

As you start setting goals for the new year, you may want to consider planning a team-building getaway. Imagine your office getting the chance to interact with one another outside of the usual setting. Consider how a couple of days filled with creative brainstorming sessions, group fitness or adventures, team dinners, and more will leave everyone feeling interconnected and ready to take on any challenge. Book the experience of the year for your team at Orlando’s newest resort, The Grove Resort & Spa Orlando.