Orlando – The Ideal Destination For Your 2017 Offsite Meeting or Corporate Event

With over 350 days left in the year, the possibilities for this year’s meeting or corporate event are limitless. How will you inspire your team this year? How will you reward your top performers? How will you and your team brainstorm, plan, create and grow together?

It’s no secret – teams that go away together, work better together. One of the keys to your company’s success is having a team of inspired, creative, and collaborative people. If you stay confined within the office walls, year-round, you may never see the full potential of your team. Going away someplace new, together, will afford your team the opportunity to bond, grow, and experience new things with one another.

best corporate meeting locations - offsiteOffsite meetings or corporate events help to refresh and re-energize, as long as you choose the right destination. Take into consideration the type of offsite event you want to have, is it a:

-Incentive Meeting
-Strategy Event
-Corporate Retreat
-Other – Ex. Golf getaway

Once you know the type of event, consider the size and scope. Will you be traveling with a small group or an entire company? Is this a meeting of team members from across the globe who’ve never met before? It’s important to take all of those details into consideration when planning your offsite meeting or corporate event to help get an idea of the types of destinations that will support your event.

Yet, there is one destination that ideal for nearly any type of offsite meeting, corporate event, team building, etc. – Orlando, Florida. The best advice you’ll hear all year regarding the planning and implementation of your meeting event is this – do it in Orlando. 

Why Orlando is one of the Best Corporate Event Locations

Easy and Inexpensive to Reach

Sure, let’s all go to Fiji for a corporate retreat. Heck no! Way over the budget, and too time-consuming to get to. Orlando is a vacation destination, but it isn’t far away and it isn’t expensive to reach. In fact, Orlando is one of the easiest cities to get to in the whole of the U.S.! Thanks to the abundance of theme parks and resorts, Orlando is a hot destination and as such, the ease of travel is reflected.

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The Orlando Airport is Wonderful and Close

Simply put – the Orlando airport is a breeze to use, and it’s within close proximity to the major resorts and hotels. No headaches required.

best corporate meeting locations - offsiteAbundance of Options

Earlier we mentioned how important it is to consider the type of meeting or event you want to have. Orlando is suitable for all types. Why? Because it has an abundance of venues. From all-inclusive resorts to private mansions available for rent, Orlando has the type of space you need.

Limitless Activities

Whether you want to go out and about with the entire group, or just have plenty of activity options for your team to choose on their own, Orlando isn’t called the entertainment capital of the U.S. for nothing. There’s an overwhelming amount of activities – both on property at your hotel or resort and strewn about the city. If you desire to stay on property the entire time, opt for a resort that features a plethora of activities and entertainment (not difficult to do), or if you’d rather go to theme parks and other sites, then consider opting for a less expensive hotel or rental, and use the rest of the resources of entrance tickets and such. Just know that the options are endless.

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best corporate meeting locations - orlandoVacation Vibe

Put yourself in the shoes of your team, do they want to go someplace where coats and boots are necessary? Or would they prefer sunny skies and warm temps? Orlando is a vacation destination because it features warm weather year round and because it’s just plain fun. A corporate event in Orlando will be something your team will get excited about, and some team members may even return with a tan.

Options, money, weather, fun… those are all great reasons to opt for Orlando. But we’ll let you in on the biggest secret and reason why you should choose Orlando – The Grove Resort & Spa Orlando. Opening this March, The Grove Resort & Spa Orlando is the newest all-suite luxury resort hitting the Orlando scene. The Grove can be your corporate meeting one stop shop. Featuring gorgeous meeting spaces, a lake, an enormous pool complex, arcade, bars, restaurants, and much more. Plus every single room offers a kitchen, common area, and laundry. The Grove is already accepting reservations for March 2017 and onwards, reserve your team’s event ASAP!